COVID-19 Measures


Tribe cares about the welfare and safety of our guests. We will be implementing these measures to ensure the continued enjoyment of our tour in a safe and fun way.

How is Tribe keeping you safe?

  • Pre-tour briefing on all Safe Management Measures and encouraging participants to use the TraceTogether app or device.
  • Taking temperature of all participants before the start of each tour and disallowing any participant that is febrile (i.e. feverish) and/or appear to be unwell with the specified symptoms from participating in the tour.
  • Keeping total group size to no larger than 20 pax, split into sub-group not exceeding 2 or 5 pax (as per latest regulatory).
  • Each guest will be provided with their own audio guide device for effective communication by guide while allowing guests to keep to a 1 meter safe distance from each other.
  • Guests will use their own earpieces where possible. For those without one, Tribe will provide new disposable ones.
  • Providing of Tribe Care package throughout the tour, which comprise of disposable masks, hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial wipes, paper towel for the free use of all individuals.
  • There will not be sharing of drinks or desserts during this period. As much as possible, food will be purchase in take-away packaging

What else is Tribe doing to ensure your safety


  • Ensuring staff who are unwell do not turn up for work
  • Keeping details of the tour itinerary and schedule for at least 30 days for contact tracing purposes. 
  • Working with transport partner to ensure disinfectant is properly carried out on conveyance and that hand-sanitisers, paper towels and wipes are readily available on board the vehicle.
  • Temperature screening and refusing of participation for febrile participants.
  • Pre-tour briefing of safe measures management to all participants

During tour

  • Ensuring the health and safety of our staff by:
    • Taking temperatures before and after each tour.
    • Washing and sanitizing their hands on a regular basis.
  • Requiring every participant and staff to wear a mask during the tour, except where allowed under the Control Order (e.g. where eating, drinking or taking medication, etc.).
  • Practicing social distancing between guide and guests during the tour.
  • Guests will be issued their own audio guide devices for tours to adhere to safe distancing measures.
  • Stop all physical storyboard of images, photos and videos using ipads/devices/folders to prevent risk of contamination and the need for guests to view these images/videos under close proximity to minimises physical interaction.
  • There will not be sharing of drinks or desserts during this period. As much as possible, food will be purchase in take-away packaging.
  • For tours with conveyance, requiring participants keep to the same seats through the journey, including between destinations, and to board and disembark from the conveyance in an orderly manner that minimises physical interaction.

Post tour

  • Disinfectant of audio guide equipment with anti-bacterial alcohol wipes and ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Disposal of earpieces cushion after participants has finished using them.