Yin Yang Soul of Chinatown


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Alternate Saturdays
2 Oct & 30 Oct - 230pm-430pm
16 Oct & 13 Nov - 1030am-1230pm

Duration: 2 hours walking tour

Meeting Place:
Chinatown MRT station Exit A (Ground Level)

Note: The tour ends at Chinatown Complex

My name is Andros, and I have a pair of magical yin yang eyes that allow me to view the world differently, just like Xia Dong Qing in the Ferryman. I am a journalist on a task to investigate the soul of Chinatown, told through statutes, murals, shops and soup. Are you ready to join me and hear ‘their’ stories, over a bowl of soup?

The soul of the city is told through its people. The past contributes to the present, our actions contribute to the future. Despite being the picture of an ultra-modern city, traditional beliefs and rituals still play an everyday role in people’s lives in Chinatown, Singapore.

We will be speaking to the soul of a Samsui women who is presented in eternal form through the statues that dotted the precinct; Appreciating the practice of performing for the souls, which is immortalised through a wall mural; Accessing a 70 year old shop at Chinatown, which is the gateway for us to offer ‘food’ for the souls. Also, keep a look-out for Ling Jie, the long deceased amah who knew of Andros’ special ability.

Why soup you may ask? Because for a person of Chinese descent, a good bowl of soup embodies the heart and soul that one puts into cooking it, and is the comfort food for anyone.

Join me to uncover the unique characteristics of Chinatown through the stories of the people who live(d) there.

Why Join this tour?

  • Experiencing Chinatown through stories from two worlds
  • Have one’s fortune told through an almanac
  • Ending the tour with a bowl of ‘soul’ soup
  • A fan of The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang

Note: A minimum of 4 pax is required for the tour to commence

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