Inside the Chinese Singaporean – The evolution of our culture and heritage

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1000-1300 hrs (English)

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When: - Every 2nd Saturday, 1000-1300hrs (English)
- Every last Saturday, 1000-1300hrs (Chinese)

Duration: 3 hours Walking Tour

Meeting Place: Singapore Chinese Culture Centre Lobby Level 1 (1 Straits Boulevard, Singapore 018906)

Note: The tour ends at Lau Pa Sat

The Chinese Singaporean identity today is a result of generations of intercultural influences. Through a walking trail of buildings, arts and food, we will bring you on a journey of discovery, to find out the level of ‘chinese-ness’ Singaporean Chinese are.

In partnership with the Singapore Chinese Culture Centre, starting off with the SINGAPO人 permanent exhibition which sets the context of the tour, we continue exploring the themes of the exhibition zones by embarking on a walking trail to Telok Ayer – the backbone of development of the Chinese migrant community in early Singapore.

  • What Makes Us, “Us” – Behind the skyscrapers, conserved buildings, sculptures and green spaces is the story of how urban planners shape our Singapore image on the global stage;
  • Beyond Generations – What roles did clans play in shaping the Chinese Singaporean identity and how much of these remains for us?
  • When Cultures Meet – How did a Methodist church and mosque come to be in the heart of Telok Ayer? What role does a Chinese temple play in the past and present
  • Made in Singapore – Do you know that local favourite Hainanese Chicken Rice is a made in Singapore dish? Indulge in some local delicacies and learn about their origins.

Why Join this tour?

  • Explore the identities and culture of the Singaporean Chinese
  • Learn how Singapore preserve its heritage and roots while advancing towards the future.
  • Deepen appreciation and understanding of our local buildings, sculptures, and food


  • A minimum of 6 pax is required for the tour to commence. In the event this is not met, we will inform registered participants at least 2 days prior to the date of tour
  • This tour is non refundable or exchangeable 2 days prior to the date of tour